Create and share geofence zones.
Let each other know when someone is in a zone.

AT-ZONE app is a social network based on geofences. Geofence (we call it zones) is a virtual area that you can arbitrarily designate anywhere on the map.

By inviting any person to the zone, you can receive reciprocal notifications when one of you enters or leaves this zone.

None of the zone members will know your exact location in the zone, only the time of the last entry or exit from it.

Group chat for each of your zones will allow you to chat with other members, make appointments or share photos.

The service can be used both privately and for business, creating zones for various purposes and inviting contacts to each of them based on specific interests.

Three simple steps:

Define a zone by circle or polygon
Add members to the zone using the invitation link or QR code
Get notified when a member enters or leaves a zone

Main features

  • creating of complex zones using polygons
  • notifications about the entry/exit of a person from the zone
  • statistics of visits to geofence and attendance time in a zone
  • automatic tracking of working hours by GPS
  • charts for viewing the history of geofence visits
  • export data in CSV format
  • group chat in each zone
  • informative widgets for contacts

Your private data is safe

None of the geofence members will know your exact GPS location in the zone, only the time of your last entry or exit from it. The AT-ZONE app cannot be used as a stalker or spyware, as you will always be notified of the transfer of your device's data to the server. Accurate GPS position calculations are performed directly on your device. We do not know, do not receive, do not track, monitor, store, or transfer your exact GPS location to third parties. We only receive and store information about when you enter or leave your zones. You can stop sharing some or all geofences with certain or all members at any time.


The app and all functions are free. Ads are placed in such a way that they interfere with the use of the app as little as possible. If desired, ads can be removed for $2.99* / month.

* The price is exclusive the statutory VAT.

Install AT-ZONE app from Google Play