Create and share geofence zones.
Let each other know when someone is in a zone.

Three simple steps:

Define a zone by circle or polygon
Add members to the zone using the invitation link or QR code
Get notified when a member enters or leaves a zone

Your private data is safe

We do not receive, store or share your exact location with third parties. All calculations for the exact location happen directly on your device. We only receive and store information about when you have left or entered one of your zones.

Main features

  • creating of complex zones using polygons
  • group chat within each zone
  • optional notifications for each zone
  • action detection (like walking, running, biking and driving)
  • configurable visibility modes in each zone (show to all / only administrators)
  • complete overview of all zones and members
  • zone history about all members within it
  • zone permissions management

Install AT-ZONE app from